How to Take Proper Care of Your Wooden Salad Bowls

If you’re a fan of rustic kitchen decor, wooden bowls are a way to go, but they come with a couple of downsides. Most notably, they can be difficult to clean and properly take care of, and here’s how you can keep them in good shape.

Hand Washing

Wooden bowls don’t belong inside your dishwasher, and you should hand-wash them with mild dish soap and warm water instead. Also make sure to dry them right away, instead of leaving them to soak on their own.

Nice and Shiny

Simply washing your bowl won’t be enough to keep it nice and shiny in the long run. Try to keep it in its original shape by using conditioning oil to rub it gently with a soft cloth once a month.

Deep Clean

It’s also important to give your wooden bowls a deep clean every once in a while to get read of any surface residue and bad smells. A mixture of coarse sea salt and lemon juice is the best solution, and your favorite bowl will be as good as new afterward.