How To Make The Perfect Chai Latte

Photo by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia on Unsplash

Chai is a rich Indian tea that’s popular all around the world. However, how many places have that authentic flavoring that you would only taste if you were to trek through the streets of India? Here’s how to make the perfect chai.

Before you do anything, fill a pot with five cups of boiling water (one cup per serving).When the water boils, add the following spices:

  • Two round pieces of ginger root
  • A pinch of grated nutmeg 
  • 3 sliced ​​cardamom seeds or a quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder
  • 1 cinnamon stick or a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • Half a teaspoon of black tea or various spice leaves
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Sugar to taste (five servings = about 7 teaspoons).

After at least 15 minutes of cooking, you can add soy/almond/rice/hazelnut milk at a rate of about a quarter cup per serving (5 servings = 1 and a quarter). The chai should be consumed immediately, or stored in the refrigerator and made into ice chai by adding ice cubes.

You’re done! Enjoy this rich delicacy and don’t forget to be humble when your friends shower you with compliments!