Here’s How to Perfectly Skillet-Cook Steak

Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda on Unsplash

Have you ever tried skillet-cooking steak before? Some people automatically turn up their noses at the idea of making steak on their stove in a pan, but the reality is while it might not be as common of a technique as grilling, you can make a delicious end product if you know what you’re doing.

Here are the steps to follow to ensure your steak is properly cooked and scrumptious.

Step 1: Season as You Normally Would

While you might be using a different preparation method than you normally would, season the steak as you prefer and with no differences with respect to making it on the grill. I like adding sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, and a little bit of garlic powder—but choose whatever works best for you!

Step 2: Pre-Heat and Add Butter

Before adding your steak to the skillet, you should pre-heat it on medium-high heat to ensure it’s hot and ready to go when the meat hits the pan. After it’s gotten warm, add some butter to the pan, which will help give your steak a rich and crisp crust.

Step 3: Watch Things Carefully

Keep an eye on your steak and flip as soon as it gets to the point when one side begins to brown. You don’t want to leave it on the heat for too long, as this can result in a burned, dry steak that won’t be tasty at all.