Here’s How to Make Perfectly Delicious Soup Without Stock

Delicious soup with no stock
Photo by Brittani Carter on Unsplash

Stock is one of the main soup ingredients, but have you ever tried making it without it? If you ever find yourself missing stock or simply don’t feel like using it, there are many ways to make perfectly delicious soup without it, and here are some of the very best.

Portion Control

Making soup with plain water isn’t an easy task, but it can be done if you don’t overdo it with water. Using too much liquid will make it difficult to thick out your soup and it will take much longer for it to simmer.

Aromatic Veggies

Aromatic veggies are a must when you’re making soup without any stock. Using onion, carrot, and celery is always a great idea, especially since they’re often present in the basic stock. Add them generously directly to your soup and they’ll do a great job boosting its flavor.

Spices and Seasoning

You can also use spices and seasoning to take your soup to the next level if adding stock is not an option. Stock is pretty salty so you don’t have to add as much salt and pepper when using it, but they’re a must for stock-free soup. Spicing things up with cumin, coriander, or curry powder can also do your soup some good if you want it to pack an extra punch.