Here’s An Awesome Vegan Brunch Menu

Vegan brunch
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

One of the most fun types of get-togethers you can plan with your friends is a brunch, especially after a night out when you’re all excited to sit down and discuss what happened the previous night. But if you have vegans coming to brunch (or you’re a plant-based eater yourself), then a lot of traditional brunch foods, like eggs Benedict, bacon, and cinnamon rolls, cease to be options.

That means that putting together an entirely vegan brunch menu can be somewhat of a challenge. But we know you’re up for it. And we’re here to help. Here’s our suggestion for a perfect vegan brunch menu that will satisfy your non-vegan guests while also being edible for your plant-based friends.

Hash Browns

One of the rare brunch classics that you can actually make plant-based with no extra effort, hash browns are a must at brunch.

French Toast

French toast is another delightful breakfast food that is very easy to vegan-ise. All you have to do is replace the egg with a vegan egg replacement like a flax egg, aqua faba, or a store-bought vegan egg substitute.

Tofu Scramble

In the place of a traditional egg dish, try serving a tofu scramble at your brunch. Tofu can be made to look, smell, and taste almost exactly like eggs, so most people won’t even know the difference. Pile on all of your favorite veggie toppings for extra nutritional value and flavor.