For the Ultimate Mashed Potato, Follow These Tips

Mashed Potatoes
Photo by Parnis Azimi on Unsplash

As far as comfort food goes, mashed potatoes are right up there. Feeling ill? Mashed potatoes. Feeling cold? Mashed potatoes. Feeling like mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes! Here’s how to make the classic dish even better. 

It’s All in the Potato

The potatoes you use make a big difference to the outcome, so choose wisely. If you want fluffier mash, go for floury potatoes like russet or Idaho. Those with a more waxy feel like Yukon gold will result in a creamier texture.

Find Your Fat

Adding milk, butter, or cream (or a combination) will create deliciously creamy mashed potatoes due to their fat content. Make sure that they are warm or at least room temperature before adding them in as this will enable them to absorb into the potatoes easier.

Flavor It Up

If you leave the mashed potatoes as is with a sprinkling of salt, they will be amazing. But if you want to take them to another level, think of adding herbs and spice. Italian herbs such as oregano work well, as does something like nutmeg. If you want to be extra fancy, a drizzling a little bit of truffle oil goes a long way.