For a Superior Breakfast, Fry Eggs in Heavy Cream

Frying eggs in cream
Photo by David B Townsend on Unsplash

There are probably hundreds of ways in which you can prepare eggs, and most of us have a few favorites we stick with. You may prefer fried eggs, hard or soft boiled eggs, or an omelet. But no matter what your favorite is, we encourage you to try this delicious recipe.

Did you know that you can fry eggs in heavy cream? It’s not exactly a recipe and it’s really simple to do. Instead of using oil for frying eggs, you pour heavy cream in a pan and crack the eggs directly in it. Season with salt and use medium heat to cook evenly. The water from the cream will evaporate and you’ll be left with delicious, caramelized fried eggs that have a lot of flavor.

It’s normal for the cream to create foam, so just let it do its thing. Don’t add too much cream: around two tablespoons per egg should be enough. You can determine when they are done depending on how you like your regular fried eggs, with runny or well-done yolks. Either way, you will get a tender breakfast or dinner meal that’s very easy and quick to make, so you can have it whenever you want.