Food Festivals to Check Out in the U.S.

Food festival
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

What’s better than good food? Not much, of course, but we think good food with a community and live music is a great contender! If you agree, here are three food festivals from around the U.S. that you can attend this year. 

Hudson Valley Food and Wine Fest, New York

Running in September of this year, the HV Food and Wine Fest is a great place for anyone who loves wine…or farmer’s markets! With local top-quality wineries and grape-growers in attendance, it’s perfect for budding sommeliers to hone their craft. There’s also plenty of locally-grown food as well as food trucks and the like to enjoy!

Bourbon and Beyond, Kentucky

For those who grew up on bluegrass music and classic Kentucky fare, this festival is a can’t-miss. It showcases plenty of different bourbons for sampling right in its home state. There are also celebrity chefs and local gourmet restaurants in attendance. Most importantly, national bluegrass and rock artists come from around the country to perform!

Taste of Chicago

As one of the largest food events in the world, this food festival is a full week of gourmet food, food trucks, and pop-up food stalls along the beautiful local lakefront. With tons of live music events including well-known artists and upwards of a million attendees, this is a central event for any foodie out there.