Fans of Pistachios Have to Try Eat Drink Shrink’s Delicious Desserts

Pistachios can completely transform pretty much any dessert. No one knows this better than Gabrielle St. Claire of Eat Drink Shrink, who’s constantly making sweet treats using this ingredient. If you love pistachios as much as she does, make sure to try these delicious recipes.

Pistachio Sheet Cake

All you need to make this tasty sheet cake is one bowl and a couple of basic ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and baking soda. Its buttery soft texture is impossible to resist, and you’ll immediately fall in love with its rich pistachio taste and refreshing icing.

Vegan Pistachio Muffins

If muffins happen to be your favorite sweet treat, it’s time you put a twist on your classic recipe by adding some pistachios to the mix. You can make them with no dairy or eggs, and you can achieve their green vibrant color with a handful of fresh spinach.

Vegan Pistachio Pancakes

Pancakes are another timeless dessert that you can transform into an irresistible delight with some pistachios. Once again, you can use some spinach to change the color of your pancakes, in addition to adding a bit of moisture to your batter.