Do You Always Need to Try New Foods?

Interesting food
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

There are many different kinds of people in this world, and some of them hold a firm belief that everyone should “try everything”. These people believe in this idea almost to a sacred level. While yes, there can certainly be merit to trying things out and not closing your mind, is it really as important as people say? Let’s use food as our subject matter, and discuss how necessary it really is.

It Can Broaden Your Mind

Yes, we’ll start off by agreeing that trying things out—for the most part—is a good thing. If there’s a tasty food that you’ve closed yourself off to your entire life—whether it’s eggplant, hearts of palm, or blueberries—there may be a lot to gain from pushing yourself and taking that leap of faith.

It’s Not Life and Death

However, while it’s good to try new foods out, you don’t need to adopt this cutthroat mentality that if you don’t do it it means you’re not an open person. Sometimes people just like things, and sometimes people don’t. There’s nothing wrong with nothing wanting to eat something, even if—dare we say it—you’ve never eaten it before, even as a kid. Yup. There is such a thing as being thrown off by a smell, or even the way something looks. You don’t always have to eat something to know you won’t like it.

So yes, feel free to open your mind and try something new if you feel like it. But if you don’t—definitely don’t let others judge you for it.