Did You Know You Can Use Pizza Slicer for Cutting Veggies?

Pizza Slicer
Photo by Parker Hilton on Unsplash

Cutting vegetables can sometimes be a time-consuming effort, especially if you don’t have designated slicers in your kitchen. But as it turns out, you can actually use one different tool to make the job a lot easier.

TikTok user @sidneyraz, who gained fame for demonstrating things “he didn’t know until he was 30,” recently shared a hack that will change the way you cut veggies. He simply takes a pizza slicer and uses it to chop mushrooms and green bell peppers with ease.

While cutting veggies with the pizza slicer looks a bit messier compared to a knife or slicer, it is surprisingly efficient and super speedy.

The TikToker’s hack drew quite a lot of attention on social media, with most users being impressed.

“Honestly, this is life-changing,” one user wrote in the comment section. 

There were also those who rightfully pointed out that the hack can be dangerous if you are not careful enough.

“It seems more dangerous though, less control than with a knife,” another TikTok user wrote.

The hack seems great for chopping some pizza ingredients or veggies for salads when you don’t want to use too many utensils. But make sure to be cautious if you decide to try it.