Brittany Arnett Will Inspire You To Take Your Toast Game to The Next Level

Toast is one of the timeless breakfast staples, and it’s always fun to try new delicious flavor combos. Brittany Arnett loves toast as much as the rest of us, and she’s wowing us with delicious toast recipes on her food blog Toasted Table.

Arnett decided to start her blog “way back when avocado toast wasn’t the reason millennials are renters-for-life.” Her love for this brunch staple took her a long way, and she’s now followed by 133,000 people on Instagram.

She fell in love with food and restaurants during her time at Georgetown University, where she received a BA in psychology. She started exploring the world of food blogging while working as a directorial editor at Spoon University, and this experience gave her the push she needed to later start her own blog.

In addition to loving toast, Arnett is also a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, and her upbringing often inspires her recipes. She even founded and served as the co-president of the organization Eating Society, dedicated to learning about culture through cuisine.

If you see toast as a simple and unsophisticated dish, Arnett will change your mind. Her recipes are truly next-level, and she enjoys topping her toast with everything from eggs and avocados to figs and peaches, constantly coming up with new combos that would’ve never crossed our minds.