Avoid These Common Mistakes to Make the Best Thanksgiving Turkey

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Thanksgiving dinner is more about getting the family together than eating food. But still, it is a special occasion, and you’ll want to have the best meal possible. And we know that Thanksgiving turkey plays a big part in this. If you want to have the best Thanksgiving turkey, it is not only enough to follow the recipe. You also need to avoid some common mistakes that cause the dish to be inferior compared to what it could be.

Cooking the Turkey Straight from the Fridge

It isn’t enough to just thaw the turkey and call it a day. Once thawed, you need to let it sit on the counter for around an hour so it can get closer to room temperature. Otherwise, you risk having an unevenly cooked turkey. Also, make sure to remove excess moisture with paper towels if you want to get that signature crispy skin.

Cooking the Stuffing Inside Turkey

There is nothing wrong with being set on a stuffed turkey. However, if you are doing this for your Thanksgiving dinner, you should cook the stuffing prior to placing it inside the turkey. If you are doing this inside the turkey, you can get either overcooked turkey or undercooked stuffing.

Failing to Season Properly

Don’t just season the exterior of the turkey and think you’re done. Make sure every inch of the turkey is covered in seasoning, including the inside. This way, every piece will be flavorful.

Not Letting the Turkey Rest

We can’t blame you if you want to carve your turkey as soon as it gets out of the oven, but you should definitely wait at least 20 minutes before doing it. Being patient allows the juices in the turkey to distribute evenly and make it as juicy as it can be.