An Empty Oil Bottle is a Useful Addition to Your Kitchen

Oil bottle
Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

Pouring cooking oil down the drain is never a good idea. Not only it can make a mess in your plumbing and cause problems in the neighborhood, but it’s also not environmentally friendly. But what do you do with the excess oil after cooking? One good idea is to keep an empty oil bottle under your sink and use it as storage.

Other Options

It’s possible to clean and filter cooking oil and use it again, but let’s be honest—that’s a lot of work and not all of us are willing to make the effort. Still, it’s not an all-or-nothing situation. If you don’t feel like recycling your cooking oil, you can still make sure it doesn’t end up in your sink.

All you need is one empty oil container that you can keep under the sink or in some other convenient place. Once it’s full, dump it in the trash (or recycle if you have the option). The containers oil comes in are already greasy, which means you won’t repurpose them, and they are perfect for storing the leftover cooking oil so it won’t spill in your trash bag. It’s a cheap and simple solution, but it works perfectly every single time!