All the Tips for Making Terrific Burgers

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

When it comes to barbecues, burgers are a favorite. It’s hard to go wrong with grilling a patty, but it’s even easier to get it oh-so-amazing. A few simple hacks during the cooking process will leave your burgers so incredible that you’ll consider opening your own drive-thru!

Marvelous Marble

They key to juicy burgers? Marbling. The little white streaks in the meat are fat that when cooked, deposit moisture and flavor into the burger. Use brisket, chuck, or short rib for the ultimate flavor factor. 

Keep it Thick

Thicker is better when it comes to patties. Ones that are around six or eight ounces will allow you to cook the meat long enough to achieve a caramelized effect, but not dry out the burger. 

Put a Ring on It

Patties that are hand-molded can tend to swell up in the center while cooking which is not ideal. An easy way to combat this is to use a ring mold which will create even thickness throughout the patty. 

Check the Temperature

If you thought thermometers were just for when you are sick, allow us to enlighten you. A meat thermometer is the best way to check what temperature your burger is to see if it’s cooked. The last thing you want is to cut it open and have all the juiciness run out!

Know When to Grill

Toasting the bun is a restaurant hack that many people forget. If the roll is on the firm side, grill or toast it for a couple of minutes. That said, buns that are softer can be left at room temperature. 

It’s All in the Sauce

What’s a good burger without the toppings? Placement counts when it comes to layering. For sauces that are jammier like caramelized onions or tomato relish, place them directly on the patty. If mayo or something equally creamy is your sauce of choice, put it on the bun.