3 Ways to Avoid Oil Splatter While Frying

Avoid Oil Splatter While Frying
Photo by Yvette S on Unsplash

Don’t you hate it when you are frying something in your pan, and the oil starts splattering all around? Even if you avoid burn marks on your hands, you’ll probably end up with oil stains all over your clothes, stove, and kitchen counter. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid this oily kitchen nightmare. Check them out below.

Splatter Screen

A splatter screen, also known as a splatter guard, is a kitchen tool that catches the oil drops trying to escape the pan. There is one for each type of pan, and it does its job reasonably efficiently, although you still have to take it off when stirring or flipping.

Apply Oil Directly to Your Food

The oil splattering happens when hot oil gets in contact with the moisture on and inside the food you are preparing. To avoid this, professional chefs recommend applying the oil directly to your food before frying instead of preheating it in the pan. This way, the oil, and moisture are already introduced to each other before the heat enters the equation.

Minimize the Moisture

If there is no moisture, there are no oil splatters. This is why you should minimize the moisture on your food by patting it with a paper towel. Also, make sure to dry your pan thoroughly before adding oil.