3 Pakistani Dishes to Try Cooking at Home

Pakistani food
Photo by Izzah on Unsplash

Pakistani cuisine, a blend of several cooking traditions from the Indian subcontinent, Central and Western Asia, and the Mughal empire, is a big part of Pakistani culture. Full of flavor and color, it has so much to offer, and it can also teach you a lot about cooking techniques as you begin to experiment with Pakistani recipes. Here are just three of the dishes we’d recommend.


Tasting the best a day or two after it’s made, nihari is a dish that requires a lot of patience but proves that the waiting is worth it. Made with strong spices, slow-cooked tender meat, bright lemon, leafy cilantro, and long pepper (black pepper’s cousin), it’s incredibly satisfying and can stand on its own, even without a side dish.


A yummy stir-fried vegetable dish consisting of a main protein ingredient such as meat, fish, or paneer with vegetables, jalfrezi is one of those foods that covers every element from flavorful to healthy to not-too-hard to cook. The signature of this dish is the thick, spicy, green chili pepper sauce it’s cooked in.


Ready for dessert? We recommend kheer, a type of wet pudding made with rice, milk, sugar, and optional add-ons such as cardamom, nuts, and rose water. Sweet and fragrant, it’s the best way to finish any meal, and one of the most classic Pakistani desserts.