3 Common Hot Chocolate Toppings That Aren’t That Healthy

Hot chocolate
Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular hot beverages on the market, but it’s not really that healthy. Toppings play an important role in diminishing any healthy properties this beverage might have, and you should tread lightly before adding these three to the mix.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is the most common hot chocolate topping, but your drink can taste just as delicious without it. It’s very high in calories and sugar, so you should try to avoid it, look for healthier alternatives, or use it in limited quantities.


Consuming marshmallows may seem harmless because they contain no fat, but there’s a catch. These fluffy yummies are packed with tons of sugar, and it’s okay to enjoy them on occasion, but going overboard is not a good idea, especially since they’re not the only source of sugar in your hot chocolate.


Sprinkles can make your hot chocolate colorful and fun, but they’re not really doing its nutritional value any favors. They’re basically nothing but sugar, and you shouldn’t be adding more of it to this sugar-rich drink.