3 Cocktails That Are Perfect For the Summer

Summer cocktails
Photo by Proriat Hospitality on Unsplash

Summertime is the best, isn’t it? Even if you don’t get to have a vacation, there is still a lazy, relaxed spirit in the air, making you feel like you can just come home from work, kick up your feet, have a drink, and enjoy the warm evening without having to stress too much. If that sounds perfect to you, here are three cocktails you can make that will accompany you well.

Rose Spritzer

Rose is the perfect wine for the summer, and this cocktail features it beautifully. All it takes is a bottle of nice rose wine and some side water. Mix up three parts wine to one part soda water and voila! You’ve got a spritzer. Super easy, refreshing, and yummy.

Strawberry Mojito

This one will require a little more effort and some more ingredients, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll need fresh mint leaves and strawberries, lime, simple syrup, white rum, and more of that soda water. Use a wooden spoon to gently muddle strawberries and mint leaves. Shake it up with lime juice, simple syrup, rum, and top it off with soda water.

Peach Sangria

This is your new, go-to, perfect summer sangria. It’s got peaches, raspberries, dry, chilled white wine, peach schnapps, sugar, and mint leaves and lemon. Add raspberries and chopped peaches into a pitcher with water, top with sugar, and let stand for an hour. Then add the wine, schnapps, mint, and lemon, mix it up, and serve over ice.