2022 Will Be the Year of Croffles and Macadamia Pancakes

Photo by Jaqueline Pelzer on Unsplash

Every year we witness a new food trend rising from anonymity to unexpected popularity. Last year, things like feta pasta and plant-based food made the headlines, and in 2022 it will be all about croffles and macadamia pancakes. At least according to Yelp.

This popular review and recommendations site recently presented their yearly report of trends they expect to be on the rise in 2022 based on the activity of their users. The report came with a special section dedicated only to food in which Yelp highlighted several food trends that they expect would be adopted by consumers this year. Let’s check them out.


Do you like croissants? Do you like waffles? If it’s a yes to both questions, then you’ll simply adore croffle. This croissant-waffle mash-up came to the United States thanks to New York City’s Croffle House, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. In recent months, Yelp searches have been up around 1,505 percent for the dish.

Calic Bread

Originating in South Korea, this type of garlic bread has been soaring in popularity recently and has seen 1,269 percent increase in searches on Yelp. The dish is basically a sourdough bread bun loaded with cheese and garlic and it couldn’t be more awesome.

Macadamia Pancakes

Think of macadamia pancakes as a tastier version of regular pancakes. They are the perfect breakfast option, but a lot of people are discovering them just now. The searches for the dish have gone up by 613 percent on Yelp recently.

Egg Bread

Egg bread has been part of Asian street food culture for years, but it never quite caught up in the United States. However, this is about to change in 2022, as Yelp is seeing a 457 percent increase in searches for egg bread.