2 Foods That Can Benefit From Being Mushy

Photo by Estúdio Bloom on Unsplash

When one thinks about the word “mushy”, it’s not exactly an appetizing thought. Foods that are mushy aren’t just gross to look at and feel—they sometimes indicate that the food is spoiled in some way. However, there are actually some cases in which having mushy food can be beneficial in the kitchen. Here are two awesome examples of food that sometimes need to be mushy in order to enjoy.


Avocados are a strange beast, and yet very delicious all the same. Everyone knows that if they’re too hard, they can’t be eaten, or at the very least enjoyed. Once they get to a certain point of mushiness, however, they can be sliced and scooped to be placed into a sandwich, or more commonly mashed up into guacamole. Then again, if they’re too mushy, there’s a chance the avocado might’ve gone bad, so it’s best to find that sweet spot.


There’s nothing like a tasty, solid banana to brighten your day. But if you’re bananas go unchecked and uneaten for too long, they’ll start to develop spots and get mushy. Luckily, this isn’t really a bad thing, because mushy bananas are the perfect ingredient when making banana cake!